Tag: VPC


  • Episode I-II: The Lambda Job

    -[[:k_gradish | Kal-ar Gradish]] attempts to relicense his weapons at the Department of Munitions and Vehicles (DMV) -[[:tarin-kalth | Tarin Kalth]] and [[:koro | Koro]] investigate recent attacks on CorSec Plaza One and [[:fabio-watkins | Fabio Watkins …

  • Episode I-III:

    Locked in a heated space battle with [[:fabio-watkins |The Defiant]] and his compatriots, [[:tarin-kalth |Kalth]], [[:k_gradish |Gradish]], and [[:koro |Koro]] fought to survive the botched hijacking. Due to the Mandalorian training received on [[Nar …

  • Victorious People of Corellia

    The Victorious People of Corellia (abbreviated VPC) is a recently discovered group that operates exclusively around [[Corellia | Corellia]]. Designated as pirates by CorSec and freedom fighters by others, the VPC is noted for primarily attacking Imperial …

  • Fabio Watkins

    A middle-aged Kuat native, Commander Fabio Watkins served with the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars following the centralization of all home defense fleets. During the Battle of Coruscant, Cmdr. Watkins and his squad, including specialist [[:tarin- …

  • Bobo Sebataihe

    Bobo is an arms dealer in the Blue Sector of Coronet City. He is a known sympathizer of the [[Victorious People of Corellia | VPC]] and serves as a contact for agents operating out of Blue Sector.

  • Ri Obel

    Obel is an officer of the [[Victorious People of Corellia |Victorious People of Corellia]]. It is noted that he well versed in galactic lore.

  • Pal Skeel

    Pal Skeel, cerean surgeon, isn't the kindest, but he knows that he's doing.

  • Shaba Sebataihe

    Shaba, [[:bobo |Bobo]]'s brother, came to [[Corellia |Corellia]] a slave bodyguard for a low-life crime lord. Upon discovery of Shaba's state, [[:bobo |Bobo]] offered the crime lord a deal he could not resist in return for Shaba's release. Shaka quickly …