Trail of Deceit

Episode II-II:
by ngflyboy
Episode II-I: Four and a Half

-band of outlaws arrive on Bespin and discover the Four-and-a-Half, an illegal cantina.
-drinking ensues, Det finds the band some work: an escort job for a local Ufflor
-rumor of slavers operating in the system?

Episode I-VIII: Escape from Corellia, Part 2

-the unlikely band of outlaws flee Corellia via the Ragged Talon
-Hyperspace to Bespin

Episode I-VIII: Escape from Corellia, Part 1

-Lokzur Dar and Stonk “Fruits” Tomo run into Imperial trouble at Groola’s Place
-Det Warryn and Kemis Kni, after becoming acquainted with the latter two become embroiled in firefight against Imperial Stormtroopers assuming they were there for them.
-The four outlaws win, but not before Dar and Tomo fall unconscious.
-Luckily Det and Kemis apply first aid and the quad decide to make their the Ragged Talon.

Tomb of Corellia I-III: The Cutting Floor

-disguised as the “night shift” for a local construction contractor, the crew makes their way into Skyfon tower
-Heist proceeds with few issues, albeit slowly (cutting through floors/doors takes time).
-hostile guard discovers crew triggering brief firefight cumulating in a errant shot setting off fire alarms.
-crew cleans up and makes for the exit only to be stopped by a trio of crazed construction droids
-in a last ditch effort of an escape attempt, Det Warryn and Kemis Kni manage to elude the droids while R1-V takes a jackhammering to the chassis.
-Det and Kemis consider fleeing before turning to recover their disabled droid compatriot.
-Unfortunately, due to poor mechanics skills and lack of time, only the processor was recovered.

Tomb of Corellia I-II: Droid Rage

-R1-V decides bartenders should call taxis for demanding droids
-Bartender decides that’s dumb
-R1-V decides that blasters solve issues
-Blasters proceed to make issue worse
-People die

Tomb of Corellia I-I: Warehouse Heist

-Kemis meets Warryn and R1-V
-Heist: Old CEC Warehouse, Prize: industrial grade plasma cutter
-Warryn becomes George
-“I Shoot”

Episode I-VII: Where's the Transport?

-blaster fight
-VPC Heroes?
-Dok Nufon
-9000 credit bounty

Episode I-VI: Titanium Falls

-Senator Organa
-Garm Bel Iblis
-Spy? Beolar Bribbs
-Creepy guy, red robes
-Fruits arrested
-Lucas Clayton FTW


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