Trail of Deceit

Tomb of Corellia I-II: Droid Rage

-R1-V decides bartenders should call taxis for demanding droids
-Bartender decides that’s dumb
-R1-V decides that blasters solve issues
-Blasters proceed to make issue worse
-People die

Tomb of Corellia I-I: Warehouse Heist

-Kemis meets Warryn and R1-V
-Heist: Old CEC Warehouse, Prize: industrial grade plasma cutter
-Warryn becomes George
-“I Shoot”

Episode I-VI: Where's the Transport?

-blaster fight
-VPC Heroes?
-Dok Nufon
-9000 credit bounty

Episode I-VI: Titanium Falls

-Senator Organa
-Garm Bel Iblis
-Spy? Beolar Bribbs
-Creepy guy, red robes
-Fruits arrested
-Lucas Clayton FTW

Episode I-III: Watkins' Defiance
By Rosend1000

Locked in a heated space battle with The Defiant and his compatriots, Kalth, Gradish, and Koro fought to survive the botched hijacking. Due to the Mandalorian training received on Nar Shaddaa and a bit of luck, Kal-Ar was able to maneuver the the craft with enough skill to evade a majority of shots. With almost equal skill, Koro manned the guns and heavily damaged 2 of the 3 combatant ships. However, this was made possible due to Kalth’s strategic battle analysis and his precision shot with a proton torpedo that nearly disabled a crimson YT-1250. After managing to place the party behind the YT-1250, Kal-Ar made the split-second decision to accelerate through it towards the planet of Corellia; destroying the YT-1250 in the process.

Accelerating towards Corellia now, the combatant, green striped Gymsnor-3 chased and fired in hot pursuit. After sustaining some damage and even a proton torpedo, the trio managed to make it into atmosphere and continued the chase through a mountainous region of Corellia. Managing to weaving through crevasses, valleys, and mountains, Kal-Ar took this as a sign from the Force and attempts a maneuver that ends up nearly killing everyone in the ship. The Gymsnor-3 dispersed from the scene assuming the trio was killed in the crash.

After tending to their wounds, Kalth and Koro stay and search through the wreckage as Kal-Ar, feeling dishonored, takes it upon himself to find civilization and didn’t stay to have his broken arm treated correctly. Kalth and Koro set up camp and attempt to sleep as they are disturbed by a the cracking of pistol fire and the screeches of some kind of animal. By the time they get to the scene, they found Kal-Ar unconscious on the ground with a Corellian Banshee Bird ready to finish him. After dispatching the bird with ease, they returned with a Kal-Ar Gradish who has not only had his body gravely injured but also his honor as a warrior… Yet, the trio was only able to get one night of rest because the following night, they were taken as captives by unknown, armed, assailants. After being taken to an unknown location, “The Defiant” stood before the trio and only after recognizing Taran Kalth, he revealed himself to be Fabio Watkins.

Episode I-II: The Lambda Job

-Kal-ar Gradish attempts to relicense his weapons at the Department of Munitions and Vehicles (DMV)
-Tarin Kalth and Koro investigate recent attacks on CorSec Plaza One and Fabio Watkins
-group reconvenes to gain Tabianson‘s trust by pirating a Lambda-class shuttle and eliminating it’s occupants.
-The Defiant arrives in menacing fashion

Episode I-I: Into the Blue

-Kal-ar Gradish and Tarin Kalth investigate the disappearance of Fabio Watkins
-trail of bartenders, thieves, and smugglers leads them to Damon Tabianson, an ex-imperial officer


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