Corellia is the first planet from the star Corell in the Corellian system of the Corellian sector, which is itself part of the Core Worlds region of the galaxy. Considered to be one of the inner worlds of the Core, Corellia is also located at the intersection of the Corellian Run and the Corellian Trade Spine.

From building ships to flying them, Corellians are well known for their piloting and starship construction skills. Despite the planet being under Imperial control, piracy and smuggling are well-known occupations of a strong number of Corellians; the local navy, assisted by CorSec, has since specialized in techniques designed to combat economic loss due to their activities.

Corellia’s capital, Coronet City, is split into four distinct sectors: the City, Blue Sector, the Industrial District, and the Incorporation Islands. The City represents the bulk of the capital with intermingling commercial, residential and government buildings. It’s a true metropolis with towering skyscrapers and ever-present speeder traffic. CorSec patrols are a common sight and an Imperial peacekeeping squad is never more than a comlink call away.

Blue Sector stands in stark contrast to the polish and gleam of the City, with crumbling, abandoned buildings and rampant crime. Unlike the City, CorSec has little visible presence in Blue Sector. Relative order is maintained by local gangs and crime bosses, and life is sustained on smuggling runs and illicit trade.

The Industrial District is primarily composed of manufacturing and shipbuilding establishments. Corellian Engineering Corp. owns and operates most of the land in this sector using it to supplement their orbital shipyards.

The Incorporation Islands are a unique part of Coronet City in that they are connected to the coastal capital via a series of bridges and grav-train rails. Corporate entities dominate the Islands with vast corporate complexes from a number of different galactic companies. Most notably, the CEC’s primary HQ is located here.

Notable Locations:
Coronet City (capital)
-Blue Sector
-CorSec Plaza One
-Incorporation Islands
-The Pit
-Titanium Falls



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